Our Solutions

BIV is a Microsoft Gold Partner that specializes in designing and deploying industry specific analytic solutions on the Microsoft data and analytics platforms. All of our solutions guarantee performance, scalability, availability, adoptability and security. We strive to make you more successful and help you meet your strategic goals.

Data Warehouse Design & Implementation

Architecture & Design are a critical component of every Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence implementation. The choices made during the design stage will have a significant impact on final adoption rates of a BI solution. Leverage BIV’s deep expertise and best practices to design, implement, and optimize your SQL Server Data Warehouse.



Analytics Platform System Software & Services

BIV has been recognized by Microsoft as a key early adopter and proven systems integrator for APS Parallel Data Warehouse. Deploy your custom APS solution more quickly and with less risk by leveraging the tools and implementation expertise BIV offers. Contact us now to learn more about why so many APS customers have trusted BIV with their APS solution design and development.   Learn more about our APS Services

Big Data & Analytic Solutions

BIV has accumulated actual real world experience integrating Hadoop based solutions into more traditional Microsoft data warehouse environments. Our solution first approach will help you make the right decision when deciding which data platform is the right fit for your specific needs. We have the experience to help you turn your Big Data problem into a business asset.


Analytics & Reporting

BIV partners with our clients to help them achieve extraordinary success through the use of analytics to make fact-based decisions. We believe that the right information, at the right time, in the hands of the right people can make a significant impact to your business. Leverage BIV’s industry experts to help design and implement stunning reports and visualizations on the latest Microsoft analytic technologies.

Machine Learning

LEARNING=REPRESENTATION+EVALUATION+OPTIMIZATION BIV has developed deep machine learning implementation expertise through the use of the technology within our very own MEDISKOR platform as well as other custom applications we have built for customers. Leverage BIV’s industry leading Machine Learning Center of Excellence team who provide low cost, customized ML services to companies of any size.



Cloud Solutions

BIV offers Microsoft Azure services that are focused on helping clients drive value through cloud enablement. Learn how you can leverage Microsoft’s cloud based analytics platform combined with BIV’s deep expertise to create a cost effective decision support system that will transform raw data into actionable intelligence, optimizing your company’s’ decisions and overall performance.