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At B.I. Voyage we have made APS our business. We partnered with MSFT on the first PDW sale in the world, we were the first consulting company to buy our own PDW, and we are assisting multiple APS customers across North America. In fact we have so much APS work that we started building tools to help with common tasks. Microsoft’s APS PDW gives you far more power without adding additional complexity when compared to traditional SQL Server.

The missing link is tool-sets and user interfaces to help simplify and manage the tasks that DBAs and developers still have to do. That is why we developed SNAPs. Learn more about our SNAPS tool and how it can empower you to implement your APS solution faster and with far less risk.

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MEDISKOR is a SaaS based healthcare analytics platform that enables physician practices to validate detailed patient insurance eligibility and benefit information in real time, estimate patient financial responsibility amounts prior to services being rendered, calculate optimal patient payment terms and strategies, as well as determine the probable outcome of a claim prior to submission.

We offer medical practices our advanced technology over the internet as a service for a fixed monthly price, freeing customers from complex software and hardware management and allowing practices to plan around a fixed monthly cost. Learn more about how we are freeing doctors from the business of medicine by enabling them to focus on their patients’ health and let us take care of their wealth.

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