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B.I. Voyage (BIV) is an analytics software and consulting company that empowers businesses to discover what is happening, determine why it is happening, predict what is likely to happen and prescribe the best action to take. We are experts on Microsoft’s Analytics Platform System (APS) and have the experience and tools necessary for a successful implementation.

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“We wanted a system that would participate in and help drive our future growth. Microsoft’s Analytics Platform System and the solution designed by B.I. Voyage achieved our objectives.”

– DIRECT EDGE, First APS Customer Worldwide

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B.I. Voyage is a Microsoft gold partner that specializes in providing business analytics software and services on the Microsoft platform. Our approach enables us to deliver solutions that provide answers to real business problems more quickly and with less risk. Companies can now count on their data-intensive environments for answers to previously impossible business questions.

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We have a variety of departments that work together in the pursuit of answering previously impossible business questions, and in doing so, have created some exciting opportunities. If you are bright, passionate about starting with “The Why” and are relentless in your pursuit to do something great, join us.


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